Big Cat Climb
Big Cat Climb


Prehistoric Park


2 adult and 2 cub Smilodons

Filimng Location



Saving the Sabretooth, The Bug House (episode) and Supercroc

The Smilodon enclosure is where Sabrina and the other three Saber-tooth Cats are kept. The enclosure is surrounded on all sides with tall wooden fences, as Smilodon, like most cats, appear to be excellent climbers. The terrain is open grass with little foliage. There is a partition, with a door that can be raised, separating the two Smilodon from each other. When the two mated the door was presumably left open letting them wander between both sides. It has two small wooden bunkers on both sides for the cats to sleep in and find shade during the day, and numerous climbing frames to keep the Smilodon happy. This type of enclosure is a breeding type. It's so the cats can get to know each other without fighting. The two adults are introduced to each over in episode 5 and Sabrina gives birth to two cubs in episode 6.

Sabrina and her mate in Big Cat Climb