Bob Arthur

Bob Arthur

Bob Arthur is the head keeper at Prehistoric Park. He is played by Rod Arthur. He is depicted as a crusty, suffering, often complaining older man, who is loyal to Nigel, but also tends to be cantankerous about the amount of prehistoric animals Nigel brings to the Park, since throughout the show the park's staff is overwhelmed (that changes at the end of Supercroc.)

Occassionly, Bob serves as a comic relief, as in the incident with the Terror Bird's cage, when instead of an enclosure, Bob brings Nigel an ordinary bird cage instead. (Saving the Sabretooth)

In the Park

Bob Arthur is in charge of feeding, cleaning and controlling the animals in the park. He is the one who usually tides up. Bob has long suffered with his job, from dealing with the troublesome Titanosaurs to being attacked by a Troodon. However Bob does have some good sides to his job, such as having his own two baby Ornithomimus, jousting with the Park's teenage Triceratops and being the head park keeper at the Ulimate Wildlife Sanctuary. Bob's favorite animal in the Prehistoric Park is the Arthroplerua, as "He's more like a proper animal than some creepy-crawly little spider".

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