Period information
Creatures : See full list below
Locations : Montana
Length : 145 to 66 mya
Part of : Mesozoic era
Epochs : Barremian
Preceded by : Jurassic period
Followed by : Tertiary period
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Appearances : T-Rex Returns

The Cretaceous was a period in Earth's history. This period is notable as its end marked the end of the reign of the dinosaurs. During the Cretaceous, reptiles were by far the dominant group, with them ruling the land, sea and skies.


T-Rex ReturnsEdit

On his first expedition, Nigel Marven traveled to the end of the Cretaceous to rescue Tyrannosaurus rex from imminent extinction. On his journey in the Cretaceous, he brought a flock of Ornithomimus back to Prehistoric Park as well as an adolescent, male Triceratops. At the end of his journey, as the meteorite impact took place, he only just managed to save two orphaned Tyrannosaurus rex juvenile from certain death.


Nigel traveled to the early Cretaceous to bring back the four-winged Microraptor. During his travels, he encountered the buck-toothed Incisivosaurus, a herd of giant titanosaursand a flock of Microraptor and a pack of Mei long. At the end of his expedition, as a volcano erupted, he saved the panicked herd of titanosaurs as well as several Microraptor.


On his penultimate expedition, Nigel traveled to the late Cretaceous (75 mya) to try to save the 50 foot Deinosuchus from extinction. On his expedition, he encountered a herd of Parasaurolophus, the early cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex - Albertosaurus, a flock of Nyctosaurus and the cunning Troodon. At the end of the expedition in the Cretaceous, Nigel brought back a female Deinosuchus and a Troodon unintentionally.