The Mass Break-out took place at the end of Episode 6, just after Nigel Marven caught his final creature. In the park Bob as usual has to "pick up the pieces". He drives the Jeep to his next job, and mutters that Prehistoric Park needs more keepers, as they have so many problems to address: the Terror Bird escaped its enclosure again; the two Smilodon cubs have kept Suzanne up half the night, the Titanosaurs eat too much, and their digestive systems cannot handle the modern vegetation resulting in bad diarrhea, and to make matters worse, Nigel continues to constantly bring back more creatures, which is not helping.

Suddenly, a Troodon emerges from the kit on the back of the Jeep: enticed by the meat in the Jeep intended to lure the Deinosuchus, it has stowed away. It attacks Bob, and the swerving Jeep runs straight at the Titanosaurs, scaring them and causing them to stampede off. The Titanosaurs cause massive destruction, as they trample over enclosure fences. The sauropods’ aftermath allows the Ornithomimus flock, the Terror Bird, the Elasmotherium, and, worst of all, Matilda the Tyrannosaurus, to flee through the broken fences and run around freely through the park. Paying no attention to the Titanosaurs lumbering through her enclosure, Matilda walks right out into freedom, getting the scent of an easy meal. Bob manages to stop the jeep, and the Troodon leaps out and escapes into the undergrowth nearby. Bob runs off to try and capture the escapees.

When trying to round up a group of escaped Ornithomimus and the Elasmotherium, Bob is warned that Matilda is on the loose and closing in on him, so he must flee. Nigel rushes over to Bob, and almost gets trampled by the Elasmotherium and three Ornithomimus. Bob alerts Nigel that Matilda is heading for the elephants. Nigel runs to the elephant herd, but Matilda got there first. She manages to separate the calf from the rest of the herd and quickly runs it to the ground.

Suddenly, Martha, although the herd earlier drove her away, instinctively defends the calf, and with some trumpeting, growls, roars, and waving of tusks, she prevents Matilda from hunting the calf. Nigel then arrives and runs away on foot, trying to lure Matilda away to follow him. Matilda, seeing the prospect of an easy meal, turns away from Martha and starts chasing Nigel. Theo the Triceratops sees Matilda chasing Nigel through the safety of his own paddock, which was apparently not broken into. Nigel runs past the Nile Crocodile Lake, across an open area, and along a Jeep track past the Deinosuchus Dip , with Matilda closing the gap behind him. The Deinosuchus, accustomed to fighting giant theropods, surges out of the lake to attack Matilda, who swings around just in time to dodge the attack.

This delay buys time for Nigel, who runs into the Time Portal's entry stockaded enclosure and climbs out of it by a ladder. Matilda's jaws are only about a foot distance from one of his feet as he climbs to safety. Nigel shuts the enclosure and Matilda is finally contained.

A few weeks later, extra keepers have been hired. The escaped animals are soon back in their newly repaired enclosures. Despite not showing visible saber-teeth, Suzanne has managed to wean Sabrina's cubs onto meat. The elephant herd lets Martha rejoin them as a full-blown herd member, as she rescued the matriarch's calf from Matilda. Bob was also able to capture the stowaway Troodon in a trap, leading the viewer to assume that an enclosure was later made for it.

Creatures that played a role in the Mass Break-outEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The producers placed the Mass Break-Out in to give the end of Prehistoric Park a grand finale.
  • Despite being part of Episode 6, some fans treat the Mass Break-out as a fictional Episode 7.
  • The Woolly Mammoth/Tyrannosaurus rex scene was likely inspired by many dinosaur film battles, even though Martha and Matilda never actually attack each other. However, during production, Matilda was originally going to be smaller and climb onto Martha's head, but that was scrapped before the final release.
  • The scene at the end of the episode, when the park has hired more workers, is actually a clip from episode 1, when they're first putting up a fence - just repeated.