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Biological information
Time period : Early Cretaceous period
Lifestyle : Insectivore
In the series
Brought back : Four
Appearances : Dinobirds
Saving the Sabretooth

During the third episode of Prehistoric Park Nigel tries to capture one of these odd dinosaurs. What made these dinosaurs so odd is that it seemed to have four wings. Its first pair of wings are actually arms and the second pair is legs. It is closely related to animals like Velociraptor and Deinonychus.

Microraptor lived in dense forests of early Cretaceous China, feeding off grubs, insects and small reptiles it would find on trees, and more rarely on the ground. At the end of the episode Nigel brings back four of these creatures, along with a herd of titanosaurs.

Suzanne McNabb cured one Microraptor that was injured by a panicked Titanosaur at the Cretaceous when the volcano erupts. Nigel goes to his den and his Blue and Yellow Macaws were getting along with Nigel's pet Microraptor and Nigel feeds the Microraptor some bird food.

Portrayal in the Series Edit

They are shown to be harmless yet illusive gliders that feast on insects left from walking Titanosaurs like Borealosaurus. (Dinobirds) They are also shown to get along with their modern relatives like Macaws. (Saving the Sabretooth)


  • Fossilized melanosomes in the feathers of a Microraptor fossil have proved it was completely black in color.
  • New evidence showed that Microraptors did not have feather crests like the fossil seemed to show.