Nigel’s Base appears to be separate from the main complex, which means it deserves special mention. Like the main complex, it appears to be a wooden structure with a thatch roof (which the escaped Titanosaurs seem to find tasty, as seen in one of the episodes). Unlike the main complex, it is a two-story structure with balconies connecting the rooms. The ground level was never seen, although below one balcony there appears to be an aviary, which probably contains Microraptor Fortress, given that one of them was seen with Nigel on a balcony at the end of the third episode. The Base is definitely home to Nigel’s pets, which have free run of his office and the facility.Alongside one balcony there is a small veranda with a drinks table, chairs, and a hammock that overlooks the park, presumably where Nigel entertains important visitors.

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Nigel Marven and his pet Blue and Yellow Macaw.

Nigel’s office is surprisingly small, but nevertheless is crammed with supplies. Books and bones line the shelves. Nigel's desk is particularly messy, and various papers, journals, and a bonsai plant. Despite this messy and overall rustic appearance, the office has telephones, computers, and the latest equipment, and a pin-up map of the park. The park conferences are convened in his office. An interesting piece of trivia is that the only employees given free access to his base are Bob and Suzanne, which shows just how important they are in the parks command hierarchy.

Nigel has some animals as pets such as macaws, Western Hog-Nosed Snakes, turtles and Jackson's Chameleons. He has a Microraptor as a pet and it seems to be getting along with Nigel's parrots.