Observation pen
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Inhabitants : All the animals are in the enclosure at least temporarily
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Appearances : T-Rex Returns
A Mammoth Undertaking
Saving the Sabretooth
The observation pen (sometimes referred to as the holding pen) is an enclosure in Prehistoric Park used to contain creatures recently transferred through the Time Portal and to observe creatures that have recently underwent enclosure transfer or surgery.


The observation pen is mainly used to contain creatures that have recently been moved into the park from prehistory. The pen is also used to contain creatures whose enclosure is being moved or modified. The observation pen is often used to separate creatures that are hostile to each other. Notable examples of this are the numerous Tyrannosaurus rex fights. The observation pen is also used as a way to check on creatures with severe or infected wounds or creatures that have recently undergone surgery or any other medical procedure. A notable example is the Woolly Mammoth

In Prehistoric ParkEdit

T-Rex ReturnsEdit

When an adolescent Triceratops which was later named Theo entered the present, he was held in captivity in the observation pen where Suzanne McNabb came to see the park's first arrival until his home called Triceratops Creek was done.

Later, two baby Tyrannosaurus rex who were later named Terrence and Matilda were held captive in the observation pen before being moved to their permanent enclosure called T-Rex Hill.

A Mammoth UndertakingEdit

When Martha the Woolly Mammoth entered the park, Suzanne and her assistant operated on an infected wound caused by a spearhead embedded in her shoulder. Sometime after the operation, Martha was able to walk again and she was subsequently moved to Mammoth Mount.

When a male Elasmotherium was abruptly brought back to Prehistoric Park, he was locked inside the observation pen until his enclosure called Elasmotherium Paddock was ready.

Saving the Sabretooth Edit

A male Terror Bird was sent to the holding pen before his home called Terror Bird Paddock was done. He also ate the meat from Nigel's plan to save the bird.