Ornithomimus Pond
Pond 1


Prehistoric Park


13-20 adults and 12 chick Ornithomimus

Filimng Location



T-Rex Returns, A Mammoth Undertaking, Dinobirds, Saving the Sabretooth, The Bug House (episode) and Supercroc

The Ornithomimus paddock is a converted ostrich paddock and was seen as an ideal place to keep them. The terrain is mostly large open areas with woodland around a central lake. The lake was added after the Ornithomimus were put into their new home when it was realized that they cannot eat the grass. They may look like ratites but according to the narrator: "They have more in common with Daffy Duck than Emu".

Pond 2

Bob Arthur also built a small hide on the lakeside where he could observe what appear to be his favourite dinosaurs. It was in the foliage near there where the broody Ornithomimus nested. The fences are waist-high and wooden made up of slats with gaps between them. Unlike most other enclosures, the main entrance door is kept shut with rope rather than with metal locks. The Ornithomimus Paddock was damaged during the Mass Break-Out but none of the flock was hurt and the damage was repaired. This was the dinosaurs second home with they preferred as they like to be treated like ducks.


The Ornithomimus would soon share their paddock with 2 Ankylosaurus. The animals get along quite well.

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