Triceratops Creek
Triceratops Creek


Prehistoric Park


Triceratops named Theo

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Located in a region of the park with little grass, Triceratops Creek is on the banks of a creek which flows through it, presumably under the fence, and is probably the most visually attractive enclosure in Prehistoric Park. Because of the Triceratops ' diet it has a thick forest of low shrubs and small trees. The enclosure is

Theo being put into Triceratops Creek

surrounded on all sides with tall wooden fences and a dirt road leading up to a bare region near the enclosure's main entrance (which is big enough to drive a tractor through) and sign.

The wooden fences are surprisingly strong, as they withstood the temper tantrums of a five-ton Triceratops. It was also spared destruction during the mass breakout, which Theo did not take part in, although the T-Rex did pass his enclosure whilst chasing Nigel but thankfully, didn't notice it.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Orginally Theo's exhibit was to have a full herd of Triceratops, which would have stampeded through the Time Portal after being chased by a Tyrannosaur, but this scene was later cancelled and replaced with the Ornithomimus herd.
  • The orginal area for Triceratops Creek was a grassy field in the centre of the Park, before Nigel pointed out that Triceratops didn't eat grass.