In no particular order:

  • Fix up the plot sections on each episode page <--In progress
  • Revamp articles for characters and make sure they are separate from the actor pages Needs some consideration - the main Bob Arthur/Rod Arthur problem has been fixed, but I'm not sure whether to separate characters and actors if they share the name.
  • Add pictures for badges
  • Make the place look pretty. Shiny colors and buttons and things A temporary color scheme is in place, couldn't get the original image to work
  • Make the forums a place where speculation is allowed and the community can discuss things I implemented the new forum system on the wiki, and it seems like it could be put to good use. It does look very unsightly on stub articles, so to prevent this, stub articles need to be made longer :P
  • Delete any pages that don't relate to the actual series <--In progress
  • FIX CATEGORIES <--Definitive category structure needed - User:Greer Watson is helping with this

I'll add as time goes on. Feel free to suggest something if you like.

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